Useful Info

Once a child enters Kings Priory School they are allocated a Chapter which remains with them throughout their education. This system lays the foundation for a child’s identity within their Chapter.

Vertical Chapter groups play a pivotal personal and social role in a pupil’s development in the school. Timetabled Chapter groups take place once a week allowing children of all Year groups to work together. Working in these groups builds confidence and provides leadership opportunities to develop a strong family connection within their Chapter.

Once a half term Chapter activities take place during a morning or afternoon which may include team building, sports and art activities, Charity fundraising, etc. Children work in their Chapter groups, either split vertically or by Year group, and are given opportunities to engage with different staff members across the school.

The First school is very proactive in fundraising and supports three different charities. Our International Charity is Conservations Corridors ( based in Belize; our National charity, voted by the pupils for 2015/16, is the RSPCA; our local charity for 2015/16 is Nite Bite ( Pupils have an integral part in deciding upon the types of fundraising activities that take place during the year and understand their role in engaging within the wider social community.

The First School student council consists of 20 members including eight Year 4 Chapter Leaders and Chapter representatives from all year groups voted in by their peers. The Student Council is run by Mrs Jenny Large with support from the Head Boy and Head Girl of the First School. The Student Council meets on a regular basis to discuss issues raised by their peers and works closely with the PTA to provide equipment and support for the benefit of the pupils’ learning and social growth.