Pupil Welfare

The Middle School is where our unique Chapter system really starts to become an integral part of everyday life at Kings Priory School. All pupils come together pastorally, in vertical tutor groups (Year 5-8).  This creates a more cohesive and friendlier school community where pupils know and work with pupils from other years, like a family; pupils are seen as individuals and not just members of a larger year group and additional opportunities for pupil leadership are fostered and encouraged. Each tutor group is allocated to one of our Chapters (Barfleur, Dunelm, Hotspur, Provost).
Specialist Middle School Tutors see their tutor groups twice daily and our vertical system mean that children stay with their tutor for a number of years. This means that tutors know their tutees exceptionally well and are able to form strong relationships with them.
Our younger pupils benefit greatly from our holistic approach and understanding that they require a nurturing environment to maximise their potential. With this in mind in Year 5 we limit the number of teachers and classrooms pupils have to access but at the same time as they move up through Year 6-8 allowing them the age appropriate freedom to grow into independent pupils ready for the senior school transition in Year 9.
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