Additional Needs and Inclusion

Welcome to the Learning Support department at Kings Priory School.

Mr Chris Roberts - Additional Needs and Inclusion Manager  (SENDco)

Chris Roberts


Ms Joanna Morrin - EHCP Manager (EHCP SENDco)


Mrs Sasha Davis - Assistant to SENDCO    

sasha davis                 






Ms Lisa Sergant - Assistant to SENDCO


On the right hand side of this page you will find copies of our SEND Policy and Local Offer, as well as a Parent Booklet detailing information about Special Educational Needs (SEN) and the support that we offer at Kings Priory School.

Study Support - Year 10 and 11
Study Support takes place outside of ‘normal lessons’ to help pupils to achieve. The Learning Support team offers help and support for students in Year 10 and 11 who are working towards their GCSE examinations. 
Each year group is specifically monitored and the progress of students is tracked, after which strategies are implemented to help further raise achievement. 
Teaching staff work with individuals and/or small groups of pupils with particular mentoring strategies throughout the year. This support takes place on Wednesday afternoons when enrichment sessions normally take place. 
The aim of Study Support sessions is to provide additional time for pupils to complete a number of learning tasks and also:
Learn how to study and revise
Learn how to make effective revision notes
Learn how to answer model exam questions 
Learn how to answer questions in timed conditions
Learn how to structure written responses
Time to proof read work and redraft work
Time to learn subject specific terms and their meanings
Time to learn how to use any additional access arrangements
We are so far extremely proud of the attitude, commitment and hard work of the pupils who attend these sessions - they are working hard to gain fantastic results.
Intervention Programmes - Early morning, break and lunchtime
In Learning Support, we offer pupils a variety of different programmes which help them to further develop literacy skills, maths skills, handwriting skills, listening skills as well as social and emotional awareness and friendship skills. 
We believe that intervention programmes have a crucial role to play in continuing to raise standards in a number of different key areas. It provides support at a quiet time during the day when pupils have access to a personalised programme of study in order to further develop skills which will enable them to better access subjects across the curriculum. 
Those who have attended these interventions have all made huge progress and we are very pleased with their hard work, determination and commitment. It is wonderful to have so many pupils attending with a positive and happy outlook.
If you would like to contact our SEN team, please email:
If you have any concerns about your child's special educational needs or disability, their progress or the support you receive, we would ask that you come into school and discuss matters further with your child's class teacher/tutor and/or the Additional Needs and Inclusion Department.
Kings Priory School also has a formal school complaints procedures and this can be accessed through our website.  We would always hope to resolve any issues or concerns formally by working in partnership with parents.
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