The primary purpose of the Alumni is to act as a central co-ordinator for the collation of information and the direction of queries for everything relating to former pupils.

To this effect, we are constantly developing a comprehensive database of all former pupils, whether from Tynemouth School, Kings School or Kings Priory School, which, apart from being a simple listing of names and contact information, includes more detailed information relating to alumni school years, subsequent careers, current hobbies and interests.

This enables efficient networking and targeting of particular former pupils for specific events as well as providing the School with a previously untapped source of career advice and professional and sporting skills. Information held on the alumni database is stored securely and is processed in accordance with the provisions of the UK Data Protection Act 1998.

Since 2010, membership in King’s Tynemouth Alumni is both automatic and free to all new alumni. This free membership is applied retrospectively to older alumni upon provision of a valid email address. To facilitate the creation of the database, a questionnaire has been developed which is sent to every former pupil whose name and contact address become known to the previous Alumni Development Officer. A downloadable and printable version is also available via this website (see right).

Please help develop the School by updating your details via the form or an email. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us at

At present the school is not in a position to fund an Alumni Development Officer and so, for the Association to run any events, hold the Reunion Dinner, to write newsletters, respond to emails, and develop ideas; it needs your input and voluntary help to take responsibility for an aspect of the Association and move it forward. 

Both Kings Priory School and the KTA look forward to developing and maintaining our relationship with you.

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