Building on established strengths in music, sport and outdoor pursuits, Kings Priory School offers an enhanced and extended learning experience. A comprehensive programme enables pupils to participate in extension and enrichment activities during the week. Pupils can access a wide range of enrichment and extra-curricular choices which are published termly.

This programme aims to offer breadth of development outside the classroom as well as that which is offered during academic lessons.

Enrichment or extra-curricular activities form an integral part of the curriculum for all pupils. For pupils in Years 5-8 they will benefit from a drop down half day each half term which supplements their main curriculum. In addition to the Enrichment Programme, lunchtime activities will be available to all pupils. 

For pupils in Years 9 -10 Wednesday afternoon is devoted to their enrichment and leadership session. This programme aims to develop our pupils as confident and independent leaders within the community. Pupils will have access to a wide range of opportunities and qualifications.

Pupils in Years 11-13 have their Games options at the same time with the Sixth Form having the added opportunity of undertaking Community Service.

In addition to this the pupils in Year 11 have a dedicated academic enrichment session per week. This includes activities such as extra English/Maths intervention, study support, careers guidance and key social development work.

In addition to the dedicated Enrichment Programmes, lunchtime activities will be available to all pupils. These may include a number of musical and sporting opportunities, academic support, and a variety of clubs and Duke of Edinburgh sessions.

The activities offered during Enrichment time led by Kings Priory School staff will be free of charge. There are a small number of activities, led by external providers, which will require a voluntary contribution. 

More information on music, sport and outdoor education can be found to the left of this page, with timetables available from the right-hand side.