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Charity work and fundraising

At Kings Priory School we support a number of charities as part of our role in the local, national and international community. It is a part of school life which is taken seriously by the whole school; both pupils and staff.
Senior School 
The Senior School supports an international charity which this year is Save the Children. Pupils in the Senior School voted for the charity from a range of options available to them. Any whole school events involving Senior School pupils will see the money raised support Save the Children.
Middle School
The Middle School supports a national charity which this year is Alzheimer's Society. Again the pupils themselves were instrumental in selecting this charity to support. Any whole school events involving Middle School pupils will see the money raised support the Alzheimer's Society.
First School
The First School supports three charities during the Year. These are an International, National and local charity.

The International charity that they have chosen for 2016/17 is Conservation Corridors which is an environmental and community charity based in Belize, Central America.
The National charity is children's charity the NSPCC and the local charity is North Tyneside Community Meals.

Each term the First School fundraises for one of these charities in a variety of ways, with much input from the children as to what the fundraising activities are going to be. 

There are a range of events and activities planned throughout the year to build upon the fantastic work of our pupils' chosen charities. 
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