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Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

The EPQ is a research-based qualification equivalent to half an A level; students work with the support of a supervisor and are assessed on their project product, project log, and an oral presentation about the work they have done. Projects take the form of either a 5000-word dissertation or an artefact with an accompanying 1000-word report.
The EPQ allows students to study something they have a particular interest in (perhaps a subject which they have not taken at A Level or a subject they wish to take at university or something which is unconnected to the school curriculum). It also allows students the opportunity to develop new skills which will allow them to flourish after they have left school. 
The EPQ is very highly regarded by universities, showing evidence of the kind of independent study skills that will be essential on a degree course.  It allows students more independence and freedom than traditional A Levels. Taken either instead of a fourth A Level subject, or in addition to four A Levels, the EPQ is graded A*- E and is worth up to a maximum of 28 UCAS points.
The skills and work required for the successful completion of an EPQ are entirely different to that required for the A Level programme.
All EPQ students take part in a timetabled taught skills programme. This programme includes:
• Project management skills
• Research methodology
• Academic writing skills
• Ethical guidelines and codes of practice
• Presentation skills
• Communication skills
An annual visit to Newcastle University’s Robinson library is an integral part of the EPQ programme. During this guided visit, students are made familiar with the cataloguing and access to university resources which they may then use independently to help them to complete their EPQ.
In addition to the Taught Skills sessions, students are expected to spend at least two hours a week working on their EPQ.
We currently have 32 of our Year 12 students taking the EPQ. 
For further information speak to the Project Co-ordinator, Mr G Dickson.
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