Year 8 - GCSE Options

In anticipation of our GCSE Options Evening, here is some additional information to help with decisions about GCSE Options.
Pupils, in collaboration with staff and parents, will need to complete the expression of interest subject choice form and return it to the Chapter Office by Monday Friday 1 February 2019. 
Download our new GCSE Options Booklet
You can see an electronic version of our 2019 Options booklet by clicking here. or you may wish to click on the link on the right hand side of this page.
It is really important to look carefully at the different courses to ensure you are making the right choice. Not all subject choices are the same and they are all assessed in a multitude of ways.
Choosing of the GCSE option subjects
Pupils have already informed the school of their preliminary thoughts of which subjects they may like to take next year. This has allowed us to build a blocking outline of subjects that the pupils want.
All pupils must follow:
  1. Either History or Geography
  2. A Modern Foreign Language (unless in individual circumstances which have previously been organised by school)
  3. 2 additional subjects (this can be a language if a pupil wishes to follow 2 languages or either History/Geography if the subject has not already been chosen) N.B Pupils should NOT pick a subject twice
Core GCSE Curriculum
All of our pupils follow a core curriculum of Maths, English and Science. Details of these courses can also be found in our GCSE options booklet.
In addition to the academic curriculum the pupils in Year 9-11 will also follow a core ‘welfare’ curriculum which incorporates statutory elements of Citizenship, Religious Studies, Careers and PSHE. 
The aim of this is to educate our pupils to be successful members of society and to have awareness of each other and the world they live in. 
If you have any questions about the GCSE Options or study, please email the relevant Chapter Administrator with your query where it will be directed to the member of staff who can best answer it fully.