Kings Priory School - A Level Examinations Offer

Kings Priory School opened as an Academy in 2013 following the merger of an Independent school and a state funded Primary school.

Following the transition to Linear A Levels, the school policy has been to not offer the new standalone AS level qualifications, barring exceptional circumstances. Our Year 13 cohort of 2016/2017 are in a unique situation where some courses on offer are the reformed two year Linear courses, in which case they have no official result from the end of Year 12, and some courses sat are yet to be reformed, meaning they have an AS level from summer 2016 that forms part of an ending A Level specification.

For the Year 13 cohort of 2016/2017 the following unreformed qualifications are being studied, meaning students have a certificated AS level from summer 2016:

  • Classics: Ancient History (OCR)
  • Design & Technology: 3D Product Design (AQA)
  • French (AQA)
  • Geography (AQA)
  • Geology (OCR)
  • German (AQA)
  • Information & Communication Technology (AQA)
  • Mathematics (Pearson/Edexcel)
  • Mathematics: Further Mathematics (Pearson/Edexcel)
  • Music (AQA)
  • Physical Education (OCR)
  • Religious Studies (OCR)
  • Spanish (AQA)

The following reformed courses are being studied, meaning no qualification is currently held as the new AS specifications are not being offered in the majority of cases:

  • Art & Design: Fine Art (OCR)
  • Biology (AQA)
  • Business (AQA)
  • Chemistry (OCR)
  • Computing (AQA)
  • Economics (AQA)
  • English Literature (OCR)
  • History (Pearson/Edexcel)
  • Physics (AQA)
  • Psychology (AQA)

If you require any further information please feel free to contact Steve Oldham, Examinations Manager, at or call 0191 258 5995.