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Year 1 Grandparents afternoon

As part of their topic “How We Used To Live” the pupils in Year 1 recently enjoyed two afternoons of learning with some very special guests.

Just before Easter they were very happy to welcome their grandparents and senior friends in for a fun-filled afternoon.

The afternoon began with the children interviewing the special guests, asking them questions about what was school like, what they did at the weekend, what music they listened to and the games they played.

They were served afternoon tea then returned to the classrooms to work with groups of children sharing artefacts they had brought in from their childhood.

One of the grandparents remarked: “It was a lovely idea to bring recent history and social history alive for the children in this way.”

Our second afternoon of learning was led by Amanda Berry and her mum Lorraine Tyler who talked to Year 1 about the history of knitting and other traditional crafts such as crochet.

The children then had an opportunity to try it for themselves. At the end many asked if they could start their own knitting club as they had enjoyed it so much!

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