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Pupils travel back in time for museum trip

Last week pupils in Year 6 enjoyed a fun trip to Beamish Museum to learn more about the Victorian era.

Pupil Lucy Urwin tells us about her experience of the day:

We travelled by coach and then split into groups with our teachers. My group rode on an old-fashioned tram to the town first.

When we arrived, we explored the numerous shops; including a chemist, yummy bakery and everyone’s favourite: the sweet shop!

We also had a look in the squeamish dentist and some houses, just like they were in 1913 (the year the entire museum was set in).Then my group went inside of the train station to look at how the Victorian railways worked back then.

After that, we travelled to the mining village, had a look around the school and had a go using a toy that many children used around a hundred years ago: a metal hoop and stick. This was harder for some of us than it was for others- I didn’t manage it!

Then it was time for lunch. After we ate outside on the picnic tables, we had a look around the mining area and then played a game of Tag in the woods.Then it was time for the workshop, which took place in the chapel.

We have been learning about philanthropy in school and we had the opportunity to speak to a miner and his wife, a widow and a schoolteacher about how they lived, and how philanthropy affected their lives.

Finally, after a fun-filled day, it was time to travel back to school.

On behalf of the rest of Year 6 I would like to thank our Middle School teachers, and the staff at Beamish museum, for making this special day happen.

Lucy Urwin, Year 6

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