Vision, Values and Ethos

Our Vision

High expectations and inspirational leadership: the school of choice

  • Kings Priory School is an all-through family school where every pupil is challenged to excel at all they do. Teachers and support staff care deeply and are genuinely ambitious for every pupil.

  • Our relentless focus on high academic achievement, excellent behaviour and welfare support is balanced with a unique co-curricular programme that embraces endless prospects including sport, music and leadership opportunities for all ages.  Kings Priory School has the very highest of expectations of everyone in our school: pupils, staff and families.

  • We nurture individual talent and inspire our pupils to work hard and respect others as they prepare to lead a full and successful life.

  • Our Senior Leadership Team and Staff constantly set standards of excellence.

Our Values

  • Our values are rooted in faith, delivered in unity and are central to our vision.
  • We live our lives through faith in God, faith in others, faith in ourselves and faith in the future of our school, embracing people of all faiths and none.
  • In unity we work together as a family, showing respect, tolerance and friendship for others, confidence in ourselves, and pride in our environment. We value collaboration and invest in relationships.
  • Our vision is delivered through outstanding leadership and a relentless drive to improve as an organisation for the benefit of our pupils and our community.

Opening minds, raising expectations, transforming lives

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