Sixth Form Admissions

All pupils will need to satisfy minimum entrance requirements to the courses for which they are applying. If either internal or external applicants fail to meet the minimum course requirements, they will be given the option of pursuing any alternative courses for which they do meet the minimum academic requirements.

Priority for the allocation of places will go to internal applicants; i.e. pupils already on roll in Kings Priory School’s Year 11. Course requirements are published annually in the School’s prospectus and on its website. The School may decide not to run particular courses if the number of students applying for these courses makes it uneconomic to do so.

When the Sixth Form is undersubscribed, all applicants meeting the minimum academic entry requirements for their course will be admitted. When there are more external applicants that satisfy any academic entry requirements than the published admission number we will follow our admissions policy.

From 2019 all applicants that have matched their entry requirements have successfully gained a place in our Sixth Form.

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