Pupils must travel to and from school and arrive at school in full school uniform. School uniform must be worn from the start of the day and for all lessons - the only exception being practical PE classes. If a pupil’s activity involves a sport, then school PE kit must be worn.

Otherwise uniform should be worn unless permission has been granted by the Principal, Head Teacher or Head of Year. This permission will be given to the member of staff in charge of the activity who will then inform those taking part in the activity.

Uniform should be worn for all trips and visits, and Parents’ Evenings unless an alternative has been authorised by the Principal, Head Teacher or Head of Year. 

The full uniform policy is available under the policies section of the website. 


From Year 5 upwards, all bags should have no large logos and reflectors are encouraged. Bags should be clearly marked for easy identification.   


Hair should be neat, tidy and safe. It must not be of a style that makes it noticeably stand out from the norm and hair gel or other hair products should not be noticeably used. Eyebrows should not be shaved and hair must not be cut to less than a ‘number 3’ anywhere. Hair should not fall into the eyes when working nor fall in such a way that it inhibits eye-contact with others.


This rule prevents hair from becoming entangled or catching on fire in practical lessons and enables respectful relationships and effective communication. If necessary, hair must be tied back using clips and/or dark coloured bands or similar.


Adornments are not permitted. Noticeably dyed hair, or hair that is dyed to an unnatural colour, is not permitted and likewise hair must not be streaked. Boys must be clean-shaven until the Sixth Form, when they are permitted to return from a holiday having grown a beard or moustache that must be kept tidy.


Ties must be worn such that, whether or not a pullover is worn, the front end of the tie covers all the buttons on the shirt and the knot covers the top button. Shirts and blouses must be worn fully tucked in all around the waist with all buttons fastened. Skirts must fit correctly, and be worn so that they at least reach the knee. All clothes must be clearly named.

Jewellery, Make-up & Other Items

Jewellery and make-up are not to be worn in school until Year 11. In Year 11, girls may wear a discrete amount of make-up. Sixth form boys and girls may wear a discrete amount of make-up and jewellery, but they may wear no more than one simple stud in each ear and no other piercing jewellery. Body tattoos and graffiti are not permitted. Earphones should not be worn with school uniform.


Pupils should not make their standard of dress a confrontational issue with members of staff. Persistent offenders may be placed on a ‘Uniform Report’. The Principal or Senior Head of Chapter also reserves the right to temporarily exclude pupils who fail to meet these guidelines until the matter is resolved to their satisfaction.

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