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The Sixth Form prefect body plays a vital role in the life of the school and the students who are prepared to serve always give so much and receive so many skills and experience in return. 

Below are just some of the outcomes the team are tasked with:

  • Infusing chapters with clear identities. A sense of honour, support and pride will be tangible to all.
  • Working with tutor groups and being involved in planning and delivering activities which promote the first point above.
  • Lead assemblies every half term to celebrate success, inspire further endeavour and engender the supportive and friendly ethos of the school.
  • Working with staff and pupils to promote a disciplined, polite and friendly atmosphere in and around all areas of the school.
  • Increase the community role of Kings Priory School by selecting two charities per year to organise fundraising events for.
  • Co-ordinate social community activities, such as a senior citizens Christmas party and other similar events.
  • Organise regular calendar events which raise the profile of the school in a positive way.

More information about the Sixth Form prefect body and the application process is available here


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