Charity Work and Fundraising

At Kings Priory School we support a number of charities as part of our role in the local, national and international community. It is a part of school life which is taken seriously by the whole school; both pupils and staff. Our charities are democratically chosen through pupil voice and change as a result annually. We encourage our pupils to show, through our core values of respect, friendship and tolerance to be mindful of others at all times. Fund raising events range from pupil leadership initiatives to whole school events.

This year our pupils have voted to support 2 main charities:

  • Charlie Bear for Cancer Care



Charlie Bear for Cancer Care

  • Cancer Research


Cancer research





Cancer Research UK

In addition to this, in the light of the current local socioeconomic challenges for many, our pupils have requested we continue to support:

  • The Bay Food Bank

Bay food bank





The Bay Food Bank

We are taking part in the Cash for Kids Christmas Mission for 2023

Cash for kids



Cash for Kids

There are a range of events and activities planned throughout the year to build upon the fantastic work of our pupils' chosen charities. 


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