Middle School

The Middle School of Kings Priory School welcomes pupils from Years 5 to 8.  As an all-through school, we have the opportunity to avoid the problems associated with transfer at age 11, often when children are at their most vulnerable.

In addition, there are many exciting opportunities here for our pupils to learn and to develop their academic, social and practical skills, and our dedicated staff actively support them to make the most of those opportunities.

The aim of the Middle School is to ensure that our pupils move into the Kings Priory Senior School in a few years’ time as confident and successful young adults, ready to take the next steps in their lives. Our distinctive Middle School offers an environment and curriculum organised around the developmental needs of the children. Our values of respect, tolerance and friendship continue to be actively encouraged.

A distinctive and valuable feature of a Middle School is that it spans Key Stages Two and Three. This way of organising children’s education is unique in that the assessments at the end of Key Stage Two and the work which follows them all take place within one part of the school, rather than at the point of transfer. We believe the blend of primary and secondary practice across Year 5 to 8 makes the transition across this age easier for our pupils. It is also system that is able to reap the full benefits for the pupil by using assessment results formatively and diagnostically to maximise learning.

Kings Priory Middle School is based on our Huntington Place site. This is a friendly and happy environment and our pupils have the opportunity to meet a wide range of people and make new friends. We have high expectations of our pupils which are underpinned by our whole school values. Children in Year 5 and 6 remain in their classroom base as per a primary model and are gradually introduced to a wider range of teaching staff and their classrooms in full preparation for movement into the secondary phase of education in Year 7.

We actively promote and encourage pupils to be strong and successful by having respect for themselves and others; exhibiting positive learning behaviours and helping everyone in our community to succeed at their potential.


Transition to Year 7

As an all through school many of our pupils join us in Reception and stay with us for their whole school career.   

Year 7 is the main other entry point where we welcome approximately 50 additional pupils from a range of primary schools into our school community.  

Transition for these pupils is extremely important and we are committed to supporting our new pupils every step of the way.  Upon joining us, it is regularly said that within only a matter of days pupils feel like they have always been with us.   

We offer an open evening, school tours and a full transition program before pupils join us full time.   


Year 7 Transition Information Booklet

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An introduction to Year 7- video

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