Wraparound Care

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During wraparound care children can choose free play as well as take part in our structured activities if they want to. Activities may include Creative activities, Sport, Fun Factory with Fraire, Dance, Computer Club, Cookery, Party Games and large games.

As well as the three rooms within the unit we also access both halls, school field and yard, garden area and Computer Lab. 

Front Room

The Front Room is our creative and craft room. Children can draw, colour in, use our stencils, whiteboards or use their imagination to make things from our creation station, junk modelling and bits and bobs.The front room is where we will have our planned creative activity each afternoon.

Back Room 

The Back Room is our play room. Children chose to play with a wide range of toys such as Lego, dolls, cars and small world. They can also enjoy role play in our play kitchen. 

Middle Room

The Middle Room is our quieter room. There is a reading corner and a TV. They can cosy up on our sofa after a busy day in school. 

What's on?

Each week during term time we produce a timetable of activities for our wraparound care.

What's on timetables can be found within each month below. We also share on these on ParentMail and KPS_OOSC Twitter page. These are updated each week for the upcoming week. 

We aim to vary the activities on a rotational basis so that each age group can have the opportunity to take part. 

We are constantly reviewing what new activities we can offer based on what the children say they'd like to do and on the weather conditions. 

If you would like to see what we offer during Holiday Club then please click here


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