Pastoral Care and Chapters

Pastoral Care

The pastoral care of all pupils is managed by year group Pastoral Teams. These teams consist of an Administrator, Form Tutors, a Head of Year and are overseen by the Assistant Head and Head of School.

Tutors see their tutees twice daily and our phase based tutor groups mean that children stay with their tutor for more than a single year. This means that tutors know their tutees exceptionally well and can form strong relationships with them. For this reason your child’s tutor should always be your first point of contact within the school as they will be the person who knows your child best and can deal with most issues that may arise.

The Head of Year manages the day-to-day pastoral care of pupils in their year group(s) by leading the tutor team. If you have any initial concerns regarding your child’s welfare, it is likely they will have already been raised through your child’s tutor. Should the concern need to go further, the tutor will then refer the concern to the Head of Year.

All serious issues are dealt with by Mrs Watson (Head of First and Middle School) and Mr Nicholson (Head of Senior School and Sixth Form). They are supported by Assistant Heads and everything is overseen by The Principal, Mr Sanderson.


At Kings Priory School, a high priority is given to ensuring that each pupil feels a sense of ownership and belonging as part of a ‘family’. Our school is organised into Chapters.  Each pupil belongs to a Chapter which is his/her school 'family'.

There are four Chapters at Kings Priory School:

  • Barfleur (yellow)
  • Dunelm (red)
  • Hotspur (green)
  • Provost (blue)

It is our mission to ensure that every young person feels valued, well cared for and safe. Chapters play a key role in developing the skills and personal qualities of every child, driving aspirations and ambition and embedding the culture and ethos of a Woodard academy.

Each pupil’s Chapter experience helps to ensure the development of wider key skills such as leadership, teamwork and problem solving, alongside a sense of self-worth, positive attitudes and behaviour and a high degree of self-discipline.

In the First School pupils wear plastic pin badges with their Chapter's colour. In the Middle and Senior School, boys wear a Chapter tie and girls were metal pin badges to denote their Chapter.

Chapters come together for various activities across the year including sport, music, various competitions and other extra-curricular activities.

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