Middle School

Specialist Middle School Teaching and Facilities

The Kings Priory Middle School teaching team come from both a primary and secondary background. This gives us the flexibility to merge their experiences to successfully provide a supportive but stimulating environment for our pupils to thrive and achieve.

Our main Key Stage 2 classrooms are housed in Ellison's building. This allows us to build on the best of both primary and secondary practice to deliver our unique middle years' curriculum model. The core curriculum time in Key Stage 2 is spent with a class teacher for either English/Humanities or Maths/Science. This provides our pupils with the benefits of continuity and flexibility within the classroom and with their learning.

The gradual introduction of subject specialist teaching from an early stage enables us to maintain pupils’ enthusiasm, widen their interests and develop their full academic potential. All of our Middle School pupils will have opportunities to use specialist Science laboratories, Art and Technology rooms. By the time that a pupil has reached the end of Key Stage 3, they will have a wide range of teachers and be fully prepared with a strong foundation for GCSE and the future challenges of the Sixth Form.


The documents at the bottom of this page outline the curriculum at Kings Priory Middle School for Years 5 through to 8.

Homework and Independent Study

Homework is set throughout our Middle School. The amount is age and ability dependent. Here at Kings Priory School, we believe that homework provides opportunities for our pupils to develop independent work habits for study and helps to prepare them for further education where much more work has to be done without direct instruction from a teacher.

Each year group from 5-8 has an individually tailored homework timetable. These can be found on the link at the right-hand side of this page. All pupils are provided with a Pupil Planner in which they are expected to record any homework set.

Homework can come in many forms but is always intended to consolidate or extend work which has been in class. Pupils may be expected to pursue their own lines of enquiry or prepare work for the next lesson, it will complement and enhance any work done whilst in school.

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Middle and Senior School PHSE Curriculum 30th Sep 2019 Download
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