Summer School 2021

Summer School:  August 2021

A 5-day Summer School was offered to all pupils who were about to embark on their Year 7 journey at KPS in September 2021.  Each year we have a large intake of new pupils at the start of Year 7 so it was a fantastic opportunity for current and external pupils to meet one another and for external pupils to learn more about the school and take part in a meaningful transition programme.  In total 79 pupils attended the Summer School.  A range of activities were offered across the week including: English, Maths, Computing, Art and a variety of sports.  There was an Olympic theme which ran throughout the week and which all activities were based around. 

£20,204 was received from the DFE in order to cover costs of running the Summer School.  A large proportion of this funding (£12,985) was allocated to staffing.  Pupils were split into 3 groups for the activities which allowed pupils to receive individual support and guidance.  In order to ensure the best results, existing KPS teachers and Learning Support Assistants were used to deliver lessons and activities.  A mixture of Primary and Secondary staff were used.

Social and recreation times were of a high importance across the week as were meal times, where the Olympic theme continued.  Pupils tasted food from across the world! £2040 was allocated to catering. 

In order to support learning at the Summer School and to support the Year 7 curriculum all pupils across the year group were given a Scientific calculator.  The total cost of this was £1250.

The remaining costs associated with the Summer School which includes reprographics, resources and site maintenance was £3928.


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