Sixth Form Facilities

Sixth Form Café

Café Six is a high-street style coffee shop for pupils of the Sixth Form.

It serves a wide variety of teas, coffee and soft drinks as well as biscuits, cakes, shortbreads, breakfast sandwiches, toast, sandwiches and paninis, salads, burgers and more.

It is a bright and vibrant venue which is not too dissimilar to a University campus coffee shop, where Sixth Form pupils can study and relax in an informal space outside of lesson time.

It provides pupils with a level of maturity and responsibility that helps to prepare them for the world beyond school.

Learning Resource Centre

The updated Learning Resource Centre offers new and modern facilities for all pupils on the Huntington Place site. The library is divided into three different areas to offer dedicated reading spaces as well as an academic facility for books which aid subject research, revision and general school work. The space supports all subjects including English.

The fresh and vibrant look of the centre encourages pupils to come and use the facility which helps to promote reading and literacy amongst all of our pupils. It also offers an additional quiet space for pupils to do their homework, revise and somewhere during break and lunchtime where they can read for pleasure.

Mac and Computer Suites

The dedicated Computer suites, including a state-of-the-art Mac suite, offer Sixth Form pupils modern facilities for both the teaching of Computing and other digital subjects.

It also offers additional space for completing coursework and other assignments outside of traditional lesson time.

The facility helps to make pupils well equipped for completing their studies on time in a calm environment and to the best of their ability.

Teaching Classrooms

Part of the Sixth Form centre comprises of workrooms/classrooms for pupils to use for periods of quiet study.

The space is an alternative to the informal café area and is a quiet place where pupils can focus and study, complete assignments and revise subject matters away from the bustle of the rest of the Sixth Form centre.

Sixth Form-only subjects such as Psychology are also taught here.

Social space

The Sixth Form common rooms offer a light relief for pupils during break and lunchtimes where they can sit, relax and be sociable with their peers.

Previously, other than the Chapter hubs, there was no dedicated social space for Sixth Form pupils. It is an important area during periods of downtime where pupils can take a short break from their studies and reenergise ahead of a busy period.

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