Sixth Form Prefect Selection Process

The Sixth Form prefect body plays a vital role in the life of the school and the students who are prepared to serve always give so much and receive much in return. The coming academic year will see the role of Sixth Form prefect transformed so that even more will be asked from these outstanding young people. Those successful in the application process can expect more responsibility to be devolved to them, greater opportunities to show and develop leadership skills, an increased status in and around school and, ultimately, an input into the future path of Kings Priory School.

The Challenge

These are just some of the outcomes the successful candidates will be tasked with making a reality:

  • Infusing chapters with clear identities. A sense of honour, support and pride will be tangible to all.
  • Working with tutor groups and being involved in planning and delivering activities which promote the first point above.
  • Lead chapter assemblies every half term to celebrate success, to inspire further endeavour and to engender the supportive and friendly ethos of the school.
  • Working with staff and pupils to promote a disciplined, polite and friendly atmosphere in and around all areas of the school.
  • Increase the community role of Kings Priory School by selecting two charities per year to organise fundraising events for.
  • Co-ordinate social community activities, such as a senior citizens Christmas party and other similar events.
  • Organise regular calendar events which raise the profile of the school in a positive way. There are many reasons why students should want to be appointed prefect status:
  • As successful students who have benefitted from a thriving school community there will be ample opportunity to guide, strengthen and enrich the spirit of the school for others.
  • The ethos of Kings Priory School is to develop students who are outstanding leaders who can rise to a challenge in whatever ways a situation demands.
  • The willingness to accept the responsibilities outlined requires considerable courage which, some believe, is the most important of virtues as it guarantees all others.
  • Successful candidates will be strong leaders, will be comfortable supporting and advising others and will have the ability to initiate ideas and follow them through to conclusion. These skills are highly transferrable and are much sought after by employers and universities alike.

Structure of the Prefect Body

Prefects will be selected from both Year 12 and Year 13 students. The overall leadership will come from eight Year 13 senior prefects who will be responsible for coordinating the prefect teams in all of the aspects mentioned above. The structure is one Head of School and four Deputy Head of School posts.

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