Sport and PE

We take great pride in our sporting heritage having gained a successful record and reputation, founded on the principles of excellence and participation.

Pupils at Kings Priory School have the opportunity to play sport on a regular basis, competitively or simply for pleasure.

Our aim is to provide the best possible sporting provision for all of our pupils. To that end we strive to offer them every chance to enjoy sport and experience success. This involves striking the rare balance between excelling at the highest level with our elite sportspeople, whilst ensuring that all pupils benefit from high quality coaching within a supportive environment.

To allow every pupil to find their niche in sport, a breadth is offered. We have a structured programme lower down the school to develop the necessary skills to participate and there is more choice as pupils move through the school. Utilising our excellent facilities, including a sports hall, fitness suite and dance studio, pupils are able to engage in a wide range of sports.

Personal qualities like determination, resilience and integrity that are developed through the physical, emotional and social aspects of sport, are highly valued at school.

At all levels the aim is to give pupils a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity, the benefits of which are lifelong.

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PE Policy

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