Child on Child Abuse Concern

Child on Child Abuse Concern

What is a Child on Child abuse concern?

A Child on Child Abuse concern is one which involves 2 or more children and their interactions with each other. An interaction between 2 or more children can be classified as child on child abuse when:

  • There is an imbalance in power causing a vulnerability (for example age, size, ability, development) between the young people concerned
  • The pupil being complained about has repeatedly tried to harm one or more other children
  • There are concerns about the intention of the pupil being complained about
  • The incident/s are of a serious nature, possibly including a criminal offence
  • The incident/s raise risk factors for other children in the school and beyond.

Here at Kings Priory School we take incidents of Child on Child abuse very seriously. We recognise and understand that young people need a clear method of reporting such concerns. With this in mind we have a number of reporting mechanisms in school which include:

  • Robust pastoral links and teams that are known to pupils
  • A highly trained and varied safeguarding team including staff from all areas of the school
  • A dedicated Safeguarding Email

All incidents of Child on Child abuse are logged in our safeguarding systems and the data allows us to address individual incidents robustly and allows us as a school to sensitively adjust PSHE, Assembly, Tutor and Chapter time accordingly in order to address any larger areas of concern.

Our ‘in person’ and email reporting systems are supplemented with the anonymous reporting contact form below. This system allows our pupils to feel they can report incidents without having to speak in person to a member of staff. This reporting system is directly linked to the safeguarding team inboxes.



Report Child on Child Abuse
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